What We Do


High-quality public education, a hallmark of thriving economies and communities, is a top priority for New Hampshire’s education, business, and industry leaders. Never before has there been such significant demand for students to graduate high school fully prepared for college, careers, and life.

With this knowledge, a diverse group of leaders and practitioners from the business, industry, nonprofit, K-12 and higher education sectors have come together to form the New Hampshire Alliance for College and Career Readiness to ensure our young people experience a rigorous and meaningful K-12 education.

The Alliance works at the community level to bridge silos and connect students and their families to opportunities and resources needed to achieve college and career readiness. This includes advancing policies that support college and career readiness from kindergarten through high school graduation.

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The Alliance serves as a hub to aggregate and share information, best practices, and opportunities to our members, stakeholders, and partners across New Hampshire.  For example, the Alliance works to improve supports and resources for school counselor teams, provide funding to innovate projects, and expand access to high-quality Extended Learning Opportunities to students.

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